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Oct 24, 2014-China-Did you buy stuffs from China? Most of people maybe say Yes, but I hate my buying, it is just waste of money, only a few people may say Yes, I am satisfied with my China shopping¡± which is an online wedding dress shop tell you 5 tips about buying cheap but high quality wedding dresses, prom dresses etc from China. These tips will help you find your dream dresses from China at a very cheap price. These tips also are suitable for all of you buy stuffs from China not only wedding dresses.

Tip1 Google reviews of the online store you are interest in

When you want to save money and buy cheap wedding dresses from China, you should google this stores reviews first. This step is very important for your purchasing. If you find all the reviews are great or only few bad reviews, you can consider this store. If most of reviews of this store are bad like which has lots of bad reviews, you should get rid of it. Why buy dresses from a store have too many bad reviews?

Tip2 contact the vendor, you will see their customer service

Though you find all reviews are good regarding this store, it not enough at all. you need to contact the vendor, communication can tell you customer service. Not reply your emails in time? Get rid of it! Seller¡¯s attitude can been seen from emails. is an professional 2014 prom dress online shop. Each customer can get VIP service, we always reply customers emails within 12 hours.

Tip3 too cheap price means bad quality

Yes, Most of Chinese stuffs are cheap including wedding gowns. But you should have been heard a word ¡°Cheapest is the dearest¡± Could you believe $100 can buy the high quality wedding dress? Of course impossiable. It will not weird if you say China stuffs are bad, because here in China, commodities price and worker cost are increased sharply. A good wedding dress¡¯s cost is higher than $100. So too cheap means bad quality. Customers should learn to distinguish good or bad from prices.

Tip4 Ask vendors send dress photos for your approval

Many customers feedback china made replica dresses are not like pictures at all. I would like to say a good way is ask the vendor send you photos for your approval when making, it is also very important for getting a good dress, One thousand readers in one thousand 's provide customers photos for approval, everything is transparent like crystals. Customers can take part in the design of your.

Tip5 read return police carefully

A good return policy will convince customers buying, if dresses are not like the pictures you can ask a refund, have a very good return policy.

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